F1 Pit Stop Challenge

team building at its best

Team Building and Events with impact. Take on the PIT STOP CHALLENGE. Just imagine it’s the Grand Prix. The atmosphere is electric, your driver is at the front of the pack and has just clocked the fastest lap, but the tyres are on their last legs and you’re losing speed…it’s time for a PIT STOP! The pressure is on! Your crew is at the ready, the adrenaline courses through your veins. This is the ultimate in team work! Will your team stand up to the pressure?

This is team building with real impact.  Formula 1 is super fast and super efficient and its all about amazing team work.  If your looking to build a better team, reward great performance or simply create a day to remember then get in touch!

We will deliver this experience to a venue of your choice.  Why not hold an Outdoor Summer Training Day and throw in an F1 car for good measure along with a BBQ sizzling away in the background.  Have your F1 car liveried with your branding for something really special!


Our friendly instructors will put your teams through their paces with.   There are plenty of options from the Pit Stop challenge to racing F1 circuits from around the world. Definitely contact us for more details and let us create a day to remember.


For an insight into what we can deliver please take a look through our overview brochure.  If you would like to find out more about the F1 Pit Stop Challenges Team Building events and any of the other motorsport themed events across the UK and Internationally then please click here to contact us